Contra weekend for experienced dancers. January 18-20, 2019 @ Daytona Beach, Fla.
Contra weekend for experienced dancers.January 18-20, 2019 @ Daytona Beach, Fla.

Lisa Greenleaf

From CDSS: "Lisa Greenleaf has been treating dancers across the country to her high spirited, witty calling for many years, and is known for precise walk-throughs of zesty and flowing dances." Read more at CDSS.

Bob Isaacs

New Jersey-based caller Bob Isaacs calls from coast to coast. His sing-song voice glides along with the music seamlessly. 

Andy Shore

Formerly from South Florida, Andy Shore now lives in Northern California. With his roots in square dancing, Andy discovered contra in 2005 and now calls both traditional and gender-free contra dances. Read more at CDSS.

Giant Robot Dance

With fingers flying, Giant Robot Dance delights with upbeat tunes. Fiddle, accordian, guitar, drums, trombone and keyboard might be on stage at any given time. Read more about the three sets of musical brothers here

The Moving Violations

Duel fiddles and a piano play strong rhythms that set a foot-stompin' and hand-clappin' beat. Read more here.

Sound Traveler Band

"Acoustic music on the move" featuring Bob and Patty Tatum for the waltz sessions and the karaoke waltz session. See more here.


Postmarked 11/16/18 to 1/10/19: $115

Saturday lunch with drink: $9

Sunday lunch (pizza): $8

Specialty lunch (vegan): $10



Limited to 250 dancers.

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